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Welcome to the Second Floor, the place where you can get certified in a trade through our Hard Skills (Vocational)Training Program. On this floor, The Elevator Project sets you up to taking a paid-for course in any of our approved trades. This allows you to decide what trade you are most interested in to get a full-time job in your future career. Courses typically include (but are not limited to) HVAC, Electrical, Nursing, Painting, Construction Management, Property Management, Food and Beverage Management, and Business skills. 


Vocational education and training applies to trades such as auto repair, plumbing, and retail and is all the training needed for a certain job. These programs focus on providing participants with hands-on, classroom instruction in a specific trade which will lead to formal certification for a future full time job. 


Something that many people do not realize is that vocational training provides an extra edge in job applications since the applicant already has certified knowledge regarding their field. Community colleges offer many courses that The Elevator Project will sponsor. The people at The Elevator Project believe that vocational training can really give the participant an edge that will increase the participant's gross income. 


Most vocational training programs allow participants of the class to work part-time in the field that they are studying which The Elevator Project team supports.

Second Floor: Hard Skills Training


The Elevator Project helped me secure a long-term contract with a property management company to provide my services and be paid very well per year just on this one contract along. This allows me to pay for a quality of life for my entire family.


In His Words

Carlos, Hard Skills (Vocational) Training Program Graduate

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