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The Elevator Project offers a number of core programs designed to help individuals overcome poverty.

The Elevator Project Floor Plan

Out focal model is a comprehensive floor plan, providing apprenticeships programs, vocational training, and a mentor program funded by private and public partnerships/organizations and foster a pay it forward approach through its unique elevator model. Learn More



The Special Needs Program

This track for success reshapes the founding elements of the Elevator Project Floor Plan and tailors it's approach to accommodate the unique challenges facing those with special needs learning disabilities. Learn More

Affordable Housing Program

Coming Soon.

What We Offer



I have tremendous

confidence in the

capacity of the poor to transform not only their own lives but also to build a just, humane and democratic society.


Ruth Manorama


From the Ground Floor

to the Rooftop, this is 

The Elevator Project

Together we can change the world for the better.


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