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The First Floor is also known as the In-Field (Apprenticeship) Training Program and provides the opportunity for quantitative onsite experience. Apprentices have been around since the fifth century, the purpose being to train people in a specific trade to guarantee a successful career under professions that involve hands-on work. Carpenters, masons, engineers, and many other professionals often learn their trade through apprenticeship. Apprenticeships are very common because they add to the experience. While it does not completely certify the person, it does contribute increased job employment opportunities beyond having a certification alone.


Apprenticeships combine in-field training and formal instruction so that participants will be able to apply their experiences when learning in the classroom. Apprenticeships are not like typical internships because you do get paid for what you do. The only requirement is a high school diploma. If you are interested in hands-on, in-field training that will contribute more to your career in trades, this is the floor for you. 


After the apprenticeship program, comes the official vocational training certification process which allows you to see what you've learned in the field correspond in the classroom.

First Floor:

In-Field Training


The program gave me so many valuable vocational and inter-personal skills that I can use every day of my life. Thank you to my employer, the many mentors that supported me, and especially Sejal for the opportunity of a lifetime.


In His Words

Nathaniel, 2014 In-Field (Apprenticeship) Training Program Graduate

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