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The Elevator Project Floor Plan

Our Plan for Success, One Floor at a Time


The Ground Floor is where it all begins. Every journey must begin somewhere. The ground floor will set you up for your journey on the elevator ride.


During this process, you will have to go through an application and interview process to receive your very own elevator lift ticket. If you get accepted, then we will help map out your journey as to which floors do you want to go on and other details in order to raise your economic status.


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The Third Floor is where participants learn soft skills. Taught by the Elevator Project team, participants learn some of the most important lessons they will need when applying for jobs and communicating in the workforce. There is a three step process on this floor the first being, figuring out who the participant is personality wise. The next step is using EQ (Emotional Intelligence) to teach participants how to work with others in their future workplace. The last Step being to teach job readiness. Our team will teach important skills such as interview skills, resume writing, and other aspects necessary when applying for a job.


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The First Floor is where the apprenticeship program takes place. It gives you hands-on in-field training which is an irreplaceable experience. In-field training is something participants are able to put on their job application that gives them an edge when applying. In-field training has many advantages that clients undeniably see in return, such as the ability to test out a career they will pursue.


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The Fourth Floor is where participants are able to cultivate everything they have received and learned during the programs and different floors and use it when applying for a job. With internshihp experience, vocational training, and soft skills training, participants are fully equipped to apply for full-time jobs that can pay sufficient to pull them out of their financially disadvantaged situations. The Elevator Project team helps the participant through the job application process.


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The Second Floor is where the vocational training program takes place. There are many programs that you can choose from depending on your career path goals. The second floor is a place where you can build your skill set and get a certification in a trade that you may be interested in for a future career path. Certifications significantly increase one's ability to get a full-time job. Employers are looking with people with certifications in hard skills. The Elevator Project team recognizes that high skill levels yield high wage work.


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This is the Rooftop! The place where you can live a comfortable and happy lifestyle. But before you go on to bigger and better things, don't forget that, "it's your responsibility to send the elevator back down." There are many ways to send the elevator back down. You could join the mentorship program to help other participants that are learning a trade similar to the one you went through. Paying it forward to your community in any way is still sending the elevator back down. So do your part and pay it back.


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