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Special Needs Founder: Jared J. Makheja



Jared J. Makheja, currently a student at St. Albans School, founded The Elevator Project Special Needs Program at the end of 2014. He was inspired to develop and lead this focused initiative within the the organization after helping his sister, Sejal Makheja, the organization's founder and CEO, interview applicants. 


Some applicants shared with them that they have a special learning needs that limited their ability and moral to seek higher income job positions. Jared was deeply affected by what the applicants told him, especially when he realized that those with special needs require a custom, tailored program in order to lift themselves out of poverty. Jared was determined to help those with special needs rise out of their current socio-economic status.


Jared's research and orchestration led to plans to expand the Project's offerings by creating a program to accommodate those with special needs. Jared founded The Elevator Project Special Needs Program in order to helps those with disabilities rise out of poverty by providing them a Floor Plan that addressed their needs through indiviualized apprenticeship programs, customized vocational training, and one-on-one soft skill training. Jared believes that nobody should be left behind in the movement to end poverty. 






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